Dreams, Fashion, Modeling….Dreams can come true!…..Right??

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   Wow…..it’s been awhile since I have bloggged on here!! But, I do have a good reason. I have had my 4th surgery in the past year on my left arm where I fell in the ice. I can’t let it keep me down, nor can I let it get in my way of my dreams.  I still would love to make it to Fashion Week, but it being less then 2 weeks away, I wonder if it is even possible now! I have received one invite to a pre-party, red  carpet, the show and the after party. The problem, I still have no travel or a place to stay. But you know what, I look at it like this, I STILL have 2 weeks to make this happen. I believe there is good in the world and it CAN happen. Wish me luck!!





2 Responses to “Dreams, Fashion, Modeling….Dreams can come true!…..Right??”

  1. modelsupplies Says:

    You will make it~!!! Just rest a reasonable amount of time, take it easy and drink green tea~!!
    Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies

  2. You can do it!! It’s always seems that when we are on the right track that’s when this get a little crazy and starts to go down hill. But, you have to learn to stay focused and positive. Two weeks away and you still have the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Just work hard and let God place you where you need to be Good Luck!!

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