The Plus Side to Spring Fashion

   Everything  is coming up Spring and I am loving it. I am in need of sunshine, Spring fashion and lots of accessories. When I found this website with its beautiful dresses, I had to share this site with you because it has sizes for every woman. And yes, I mean the real women. When I visited the site, I was impressed of the variety of options one has to choose from. Thanks to, I am able to give you a  sneak peek in to what they have to offer. It is a one stop website that keep going back to browse.

   The dress is pink stretch lace with tiered ruffles to add a classy, but romantic look. $69.95.

    The dress can be paired with these mesh ruffle platform heels at $38.00


   Accessorize with this 3 D Blossom ring from $6.50

   This Victorian Laced Dress is in an all over stretch lace with the hemlines outlined in lace. $89.95 from . It is a perfect fit for a night on the town with the friends.

   Pair the outfit with these snake-skin Uber Platforms available from $30.00.

   Accessorize with this Kissing Leaves ring with black stones and crystals from $4.00.

   A large Black Gem ring bling from will add elegance to this attire. $6.50.

   There are so many wonderful things you can find just browsing the internet. With Spring in the air, I love all the new collections coming out in the stores and on the websites. These are websites I will continue to follow to see their new pieces. With reasonably priced accessories, it’s easy to buy a dimension of items to match your new fashion pieces.


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