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The Plus Side to Spring Fashion

Posted in Fashion, Fashion Panache Gal, Plus Size, Spring with tags , , on May 8, 2011 by brnigrl

   Everything  is coming up Spring and I am loving it. I am in need of sunshine, Spring fashion and lots of accessories. When I found this website with its beautiful dresses, I had to share this site with you because it has sizes for every woman. And yes, I mean the real women. When I visited the site, I was impressed of the variety of options one has to choose from. Thanks to, I am able to give you a  sneak peek in to what they have to offer. It is a one stop website that keep going back to browse.

   The dress is pink stretch lace with tiered ruffles to add a classy, but romantic look. $69.95.

    The dress can be paired with these mesh ruffle platform heels at $38.00


   Accessorize with this 3 D Blossom ring from $6.50

   This Victorian Laced Dress is in an all over stretch lace with the hemlines outlined in lace. $89.95 from . It is a perfect fit for a night on the town with the friends.

   Pair the outfit with these snake-skin Uber Platforms available from $30.00.

   Accessorize with this Kissing Leaves ring with black stones and crystals from $4.00.

   A large Black Gem ring bling from will add elegance to this attire. $6.50.

   There are so many wonderful things you can find just browsing the internet. With Spring in the air, I love all the new collections coming out in the stores and on the websites. These are websites I will continue to follow to see their new pieces. With reasonably priced accessories, it’s easy to buy a dimension of items to match your new fashion pieces.


OK…..I have to share…Lanvin and H&M

Posted in Fashion, Fashion Panache Gal,, H&M on November 9, 2010 by brnigrl

   Ok, so I have kept quiet about sharing my likes on the new collection. I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer to share some of my favs. Thanks to again and I am able to share these images with you, so lets take a look shall we!!



   Of course this is just a few items of the collection, but they are definately my favs. A common thread  is the color of black. There are a couple of pieces in the collection that reign of yellow, blue and pink. So, not all the pieces come across as dark. Black has always been one of my favorite colors. I keep being drawn to it. It has that crisp, classy look to it. So if you are loving the collection as much as me, it will be available in the states come November 23rd..I can not wait. As always, let Fashion keep you covered!!   Fashion Panche Gal

Lanvin Collection for H&M….Oh my……..

Posted in Fashion, Fashion Panache Gal,, H&M with tags on November 5, 2010 by brnigrl

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    Have you seen it? Well, you have to see it. It is already available in the UK and will soon be available in the US. Thanks to, I was able to preview the collection. I may need a loan because some of the pieces are amazing and I really would love to have them. From the high fashion stilettos, to the lady like trench coats, to the very feminine dresses with ruffles and the fur vests, they are just over the top. I have always loved the H&M line, but this definitely raises the bar. I will patiently wait for it to hit the states. Will you be in line waiting as well. Until later, may Fashion keep you covered.  Fashion Panache Gal

Dreams, Fashion, Modeling….Dreams can come true!…..Right??

Posted in Bucket List, Dreams, Fashion, My Journey on October 6, 2010 by brnigrl

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   Wow…’s been awhile since I have bloggged on here!! But, I do have a good reason. I have had my 4th surgery in the past year on my left arm where I fell in the ice. I can’t let it keep me down, nor can I let it get in my way of my dreams.  I still would love to make it to Fashion Week, but it being less then 2 weeks away, I wonder if it is even possible now! I have received one invite to a pre-party, red  carpet, the show and the after party. The problem, I still have no travel or a place to stay. But you know what, I look at it like this, I STILL have 2 weeks to make this happen. I believe there is good in the world and it CAN happen. Wish me luck!!




Pre-LA Fashion Fashion Week Day 1

Posted in Bucket List, Fashion, My Journey on September 9, 2010 by brnigrl

    Since my first blog post about trying to reach LA Fashion Week, I have had alot of questions. Alot of people have asked, what can I do or how can I help? I genuinely believe that the world is full of good hearted people that take care of each other. You  have shown that by the responses you have sent me. I hope I can answer questions here in this blog. Things that I need to make this journey a success:

1.   The easiest thing: Word of mouth!! The more people you share this with the better chances I have of making this a reality.

2. I am travelling from Ohio to California so I need a means of travel to and fro.

3. I will need a accommodations for the time that I am there.

4. To attend the Fashion Shows, I will need invites to the events.

   I hope you believe in my adventure as much as I do. I want to make this a reality. I love fashion and design. I want to show everyone that anyone can make their dreams come true!  Live for Today!!

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