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Dreams, Fashion, Modeling….Dreams can come true!…..Right??

Posted in Bucket List, Dreams, Fashion, My Journey on October 6, 2010 by brnigrl

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   Wow…’s been awhile since I have bloggged on here!! But, I do have a good reason. I have had my 4th surgery in the past year on my left arm where I fell in the ice. I can’t let it keep me down, nor can I let it get in my way of my dreams.  I still would love to make it to Fashion Week, but it being less then 2 weeks away, I wonder if it is even possible now! I have received one invite to a pre-party, red  carpet, the show and the after party. The problem, I still have no travel or a place to stay. But you know what, I look at it like this, I STILL have 2 weeks to make this happen. I believe there is good in the world and it CAN happen. Wish me luck!!





Pre-LA Fashion Fashion Week Day 1

Posted in Bucket List, Fashion, My Journey on September 9, 2010 by brnigrl

    Since my first blog post about trying to reach LA Fashion Week, I have had alot of questions. Alot of people have asked, what can I do or how can I help? I genuinely believe that the world is full of good hearted people that take care of each other. You  have shown that by the responses you have sent me. I hope I can answer questions here in this blog. Things that I need to make this journey a success:

1.   The easiest thing: Word of mouth!! The more people you share this with the better chances I have of making this a reality.

2. I am travelling from Ohio to California so I need a means of travel to and fro.

3. I will need a accommodations for the time that I am there.

4. To attend the Fashion Shows, I will need invites to the events.

   I hope you believe in my adventure as much as I do. I want to make this a reality. I love fashion and design. I want to show everyone that anyone can make their dreams come true!  Live for Today!!

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