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Lanvin Collection for H&M….Oh my……..

Posted in Fashion, Fashion Panache Gal,, H&M with tags on November 5, 2010 by brnigrl

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    Have you seen it? Well, you have to see it. It is already available in the UK and will soon be available in the US. Thanks to, I was able to preview the collection. I may need a loan because some of the pieces are amazing and I really would love to have them. From the high fashion stilettos, to the lady like trench coats, to the very feminine dresses with ruffles and the fur vests, they are just over the top. I have always loved the H&M line, but this definitely raises the bar. I will patiently wait for it to hit the states. Will you be in line waiting as well. Until later, may Fashion keep you covered.  Fashion Panache Gal

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